UNIUS Philosophy

Philosophy behind the name UNIUS

From the time of our founding by four patent attorneys in 1998, we at Unius Patent Attorneys Office have held to the principle that our patent attorneys should be experts in their respective fields so that they can draft and prosecute their own cases.

Although we employ paralegal and administrative support staff for routine office matters, we do not employ non-patent-attorney technical staff to draft patent applications. Instead, by employing patent attorneys who are experts in their respective technical fields and by ensuring that each patent application is drafted by the appropriate patent attorney expert himself or herself, we are able to offer premium-quality intellectual property services. We currently employ more than 25 patent attorneys, for a total of approximately 50 employees including paralegal and administrative support staff.

The acronym “Unius,” which forms a part of our firm name, is based on the following three principles that have guided us since our founding in 1998.


Unified us Fully expressing our diverse individual talents without sacrificing organizational cohesion. You and us Creating an atmosphere of confidence and trust that is good for our clients and good for us. You need us Making valuable contributions to society by satisfying genuine needs of our clients and of society.

In keeping with these principles, the individuals making up our firm are persons having high aspirations and a strong sense of purpose.

While recent economic conditions have made the field of intellectual property less forgiving than was the case in previous years, it is also true that patent attorneys will have an increasingly important role to play in the intellectual property world of the future.

Now more than ever, we believe that this is the time to embrace the spirit and principles that have guided us since our founding, as represented by the word “Unius” which we coined for ourselves, so that we can continue to provide the very best in intellectual property services.


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