The four features of UNIUS

These are the four features of UNIUS Patent Attorneys Office
that we have held dear since our foundation

We will help protect your intellectual property to lead your business to success

Once we have a good grasp of the nature of your business, we will offer precise proposals for protecting and obtaining rights for your intellectual property, particularly your inventions and designs. Most of our patent attorneys have come to UNIUS after working in the R&D departments or intellectual property departments of companies. Based on their past experience and knowledge, they consider the circumstances and future potential of their clients’ business and that of their competitors, while also gathering information and studying the latest research and technologies.

Our patent attorneys engage in their work with responsibility

At UNIUS, each of our patent attorneys takes responsibility for performing work of a high quality.
Since UNIUS first began, our patent attorneys have drafted clients’ patent specifications themselves. This is another characteristic feature of UNIUS. Our patent attorneys also personally act as the contact point for their clients, responding swiftly to their wishes and concerns.

We analyze the most recent case law and reflect it in our work

Every week, we hold meetings to study the most recent IP Judgments, making the details of these studies available on our website.
We also send out regular newsletters to our clients containing summaries of key cases, in our efforts to bring them the latest information without delay.
Our patent attorneys leverage the outcomes of our research into the latest case law and examination criteria in their work (drafting specifications, responding to rejections, filing oppositions, invalidation trials, etc.).

We strive to provide easy-to-understand explanations

We take communication with our clients very seriously. In addition to their skills in drafting specifications, our patent attorneys strive to improve their ability to explain the technologies, legal aspects, and practical matters to their clients.
UNIUS actively provides its patent attorneys with presentation opportunities, such as presenting at our in-house case law study sessions and lecturing at seminars. We also encourage them to take up external lecturing opportunities.


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